St. Clouds Is Closed

These past 16 months as owner of St. Clouds have passed quickly. There have been times when it seemed that we had turned the corner and were emerging with a staff and a kitchen that I was proud of and that we were creating a thriving, sustainable neighborhood restaurant, but these times have been fleeting.

We knew we would have challenges maintaining the St. Clouds tradition when John and Pablo moved to Utah. Then when all the long-timers, Aaron, Shannon, Mike and Gage decided to leave as well the heart and soul of St. Clouds was gone. We have generated some new love, but food costs, labor costs and the shortage of cooks in Seattle have created challenges for being able to offer simple, consistent and exceptional food at a reasonable cost. This is what I intended to do when I took over and it now feels too elusive to continue.

Plans for the future of the restaurant are not clear. It is possible that the restaurant will be sold, it is also possible that we will restart with people who have the right energy, vision and resources to create a new restaurant gem in this unique space and neighborhood.

We have learned so much and are richer for all the great people we have met and worked with over the past months. We will miss you all!

– Michael & The Staff at St. Clouds