Catering from St. Clouds is meant to be creative and unique, instead of predictable and staid, with a premier focus on hospitality – warmth, caring, attentive, personal. Rather than choosing from a list of options and menus, you will meet with Executive Chef John Platt to discuss the event and give John a feel for it. From there, we will recommend foods and a service style that best match the event, resulting in a one-of-a-kind occasion with the freshest and most flavorful foods. St. Clouds will meet your catering needs with flair, personal attention, and bright, delicious food.  We pride ourselves on ensuring that the food and service will be completely taken care of, so you can focus on your guests and the fun of your own event.  We love the adventure of creating great, unique food which matches your style with ours. 


Pricing has several parts to it. We will provide you with an accurate estimate for your event, so there are no surprises. We will send a final bill after the event, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy your party and to pay us when you are a satisfied customer
Food is generally priced on a per person basis for an event. 

There is a separate charge for service staff for an event. Service staff are imperative to our catering, as our food is made to order and finished on-site to ensure the freshest, brightest, best-tasting food. Service staff will come to the site, do set-up, food preparation, event cooking/service, and clean up. We bill on an hourly basis, from door-to-door. We typically like to arrive an hour and a half before an event to ensure everything is ready when guests arrive. We then stay as long as you wish to be sure the site (perhaps your home!) is left exactly as you want it. You get to go to bed knowing you had a great party, and there’s nothing for you to do when you wake tomorrow except revel in the great time you had. 

We can provide everything from ice to bar set-ups (mixers, condiments, etc.) to non-alcoholic beverages to beer/wine to a full bar with cocktails. Price for ice and bar set-ups is on a per person basis; prices for beverages is based on consumption, with ice and bar set-ups included at no additional charge.

We are happy to take care of all rentals for you, and in fact it often works better if we oversee the rentals.  It’s our business, and we’ll be sure nothing gets forgotten. 

Taxes on food, service, rentals, etc. in Seattle, Washington is 9.5%

Gratuities are at customer discretion. It’s important to us that the gratuity be in your hands, an added extra that we hope you gladly add on for the quality of food and service we have provided from start to finish. 

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